A New Year, New City

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With the New Year just a few weeks away, many people are reflecting about this last year and the state of their current lives. We’ve had a few conversations with friends who are happy to turn the page on 2009 by making the move to creating a new home in a brand new city.

2009 has been quite an interesting and transitional year for many of us. Learning how to be more resourceful and thoughtful about our homes has allowed for tons of reflection about how we are living. Aside from employment, here are a few things to consider when choosing your new city.

1) Walkability. If you love the idea of getting out and enjoying your city, walking is the way to go. Many cities are walker-friendly so check out the Walk Score before you go.

2) Culture. Some cities have tons of cultural activities happening every weekend while others are more mellow. Make sure to research any places you are interested and see how active the community is.

3) Family and Friends. While some people want to start fresh on all levels, other people are ready to make a move that may be closer to family and/or friends.

4) One Day Getaways. If you love getting out on the weekends, check out a city that has access to other cities. Los Angeles is a great place if you want to check out a range of cities that are just 2 hours away like San Diego or Santa Ynez.

5) Inspiration. We often are inspired by our own neighborhood and the architecture of the buildings around us. Consider a city that offers tons of design inspiration.

Check out some moving tips from Apartment Therapy:

(Image: Rebecca Orlov)