More Kids Starting School in Diapers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Learning at home is not just about the ABCs and 123s, it’s about teaching kids basic skills and one of the most challenging is potty training. As the start of the school year looms some parents may be stressed out because their child is expected to be out of diapers before starting pre-school or even kindergarten – you’re not alone.

Anecdotally we’ve heard many parents discussing this topic on the playground and on online forums. Then we came across a very interesting article about how more and more kids are still wearing diapers even as old as five, six and seven years of age. The article is British (so we should have said nappies), but we’re fairly sure the same thing is happening here in the States. You can read the article at the Telegraph.

A nursery manager: “My theory is that children now feel too comfortable in disposable nappies and the message from the bladder that they are wet or uncomfortable doesn’t reach the brain,” she said. “Years ago, in the days of terry towelling nappies, the children felt uncomfortable and the brain/bladder connection developed earlier,” she said.

Mother of a 7-year-old who still wears diapers at night: “We had about two weeks when she was 18 months old when I thought she was going to be brilliant. She went really well for two weeks but since then she’s gone down hill. She does have accidents during the day and at night she still wears a nappy.”

Are you stressed about having your child potty trained before the school year starts?

(photo by Julian Simmonds)