7 Helpful Tips To Manage A Smooth Move

7 Helpful Tips To Manage A Smooth Move

Rebecca Orlov
Dec 8, 2008

In preparing for our move last week, we realized that we've done this quite a few times in the last twelve years and seemed to have picked up a moving style, so to speak. We definitely follow some of Laure's best moving tips and thoughts on feeling at home plus we have a few more. Check out some of our additional moving tips after the jump.

1) Create a 1-page daily schedule (in a real calendar format) of the days leading up to moving day. On the sheet, include phone numbers to the movers, the power company, the gas company, the cable company, basically any vendor that you will need to contact on or during the moving process.

2) On that note, book your vendors - your movers, the cable guy, etc. It's never too late to put these services on hold.

3) Prioritize what things you need to get right away and what can wait for. For our new place, we needed to get a fridge. (It's common for some LA rentals not to come with one.) So that was #1 on our list. While we love that we have a 2nd bedroom now, we don't need to run out and buy a sofa bed - it can wait.

4) Plan your packing days. Dedicate 1 or 2 fulls days and simply pack. We have found that packing here and there for two weeks can feel incredibly overwhelming. By tackling all of the packing over 2 - 3 days is a great way to go - get it done quickly and check it off your list!

5) Label all of your boxes. The move will feel better and you will feel more in control. While this seems simple enough, it's easy to get distracted during the chaos of packing. Definitely label as you go. And MISC is probably not a label you will like a few weeks later when you are looking for an item in your boxes.

6) Like Laure suggested, once all your stuff is in your new place, make your bed. It's easy to do and will help you feel like home in your new home. Plus it will feel like you are making progress in unpacking.

7) Tackling painting in the first few days after your move can be a much easier DIY by using a paint roller with a longer handle. Forget the shorter, cheaper ones and spend a few bucks more on a roller that's at least 24 inches.

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