More Things I've Learned So Far

More Things I've Learned So Far

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 11, 2011

Our room this morning with Sealy on walls and Natura newly in place. It's been like this a lot since September.

This past week we had a bed pile up at our house. We shouldn't have been surprised, given the holidays and all, but our December bed (Natura) came late, keeping us on our November bed (Sealy Embody - also late), while our January bed (Simmons - on time!) tried to arrive this past Monday. Sara put her foot down and said, "No!"

She didn't wan't three beds at once. Which leads me to one of the biggest things I've learned so far: bed delivery is remarkably problematic (and often hilarious). Here are a few side stories about our Year in Bed.

Out hallway has, unfortunately, been a staging area for a number of the beds coming and going (We're trying to stop doing this!).

Lesson 1: Bed Delivery is Highly Problematic

Beds rarely come when you expect them too, and when they do there is usually some unforeseen problems, the biggest of which — for us — has been the difficulty of getting the things up our stairs in into our apartment.

A. Delivery time windows are VERY rough. We've had beds slated for 8-12pm arrive at 7:00 in the morning, while we were in our skivvies. We've also had mattresses arrive without their box springs, and one bed came three weeks late. The reason for this is seems to be that the delivery companies are loosely connected to the bed sellers and run on their own time, often without a great deal of information about you and your delivery. It's not a BIG deal (it is when you do one every month), but it's sort of funny how many problems we've had. I didn't expect them (Sara did).

B. And did you measure correctly? We started out with Queens, but quickly found that delivery men had difficulty getting this size into our apartment, so rather than fight it, we opted for Full. Sometimes, even the Full hasn't fit when it has a lot of packing on it. Every delivery has required pushing the fellows to try one more time.

Biggest takeaway? You HAVE to be there when the delivery comes, or something will go wrong.

Lesson 2: Foam Mattresses Are a BEAR

Super popular right now, as everyone goes for memory and natural foam (we're testing a bunch), these mattresses often come nicely compressed, but when you open them up, beware, you may never be able to move them again! You just can't get a handle on them. The short video above is when we gave our October Bed (IKEA) to our neighbor and we wrestled it across the street.

Our bed in Rio, Brazil was a Sealy Posturpedic on a platform. The designer? Philippe Starck.

Lesson 3: The Princess Was Right

The more beds you sleep on the more uncomfortable you become. I wasn't so sensitive before, but now that I've been paying attention to the beds I've been sleeping on, it's harder to sleep well! I feel something funny in all of them. Here are a few pics of the OTHER beds I've examined this fall.

Our bed in Costa Rica in November was a Hotelero J by Jiron

Another bed on our November trip (visiting the rainforest - out window), where our bed was Luxurious Comfort - and pretty good too!

Lesson 4: A Good Night's Sleep is Only Partially Due to The Bed

During my 10 day silent retreat last week I slept very well on a conventional single mattress set upon a plywood platform. Why? Probably because I was eating well (and lightly at night), not drinking any alcohol or caffeine and was tired!

Biggest takeaway? If you want to sleep well, don't overdo it.


Bed Rankings to Date (Price aside, what's the best sleep?) - 12.13.10

1. Hastens Excelsior II
2. Embody Memory Foam Stillness Plus Bed by Sealy
3. IKEA Erfjord


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