More Uses For Chalk

More Uses For Chalk

Abby Stone
May 28, 2010

A few weeks ago, we shared a cool use for chalk. But that's not all we use it for. Along with writing on our blackboard wall (yup, still a fan), here are some other ways we use it around the house.

  • To keep our silverware bright and shiny: A few sticks of chalk in your silverware drawer keeps it from tarnishing. A few sticks in a toolbox will prevent rust.
  • Keep out bugs: Draw a thick line in front of a door or window, around a picnic table or pet food bowls to keep away ants.
  • Create patterned paper: Shave a few slivers into a basin of water then dip a piece of paper into the water and set the design with hairspray.
  • Play hopscotch or marbles: Draw a design on your rug - when you're finished, vacuum it up.
  • Keep a screwdriver from slipping: Rub both sides of a flat screwdriver with chalk to hold it in place.
  • Fill a hole in a wall: Stick a large piece of chalk in the hole and then smooth it. down,
  • Polish silver: Crush chalk with toothpaste and a little water into a paste. Use a soft cloth to apply it to silver and then rub it off.

[image: John-Morgan's Flickr with a Creative Commons License]

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