15 More Washi Tape Project Ideas for Kids Rooms

published Mar 1, 2013
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Earlier this week we showed you fifteen of my favorite washi tape project ideas for kids. I came across so many great ideas during my search that I decided to write a second post! Here are fifteen more washi tape project ideas for your little ones:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Row One:
1. Washi Tape Wall: Ann Kelle
2. Cross-Stitch Mural with Washi Tape: Becoming Gezellig
3. Masking Tape Gems: Objects & Use
4. Washi Tape Letter: S.A.S. Interiors
5. Washi Tape Village: Tambouille showcasing Delphine Doreau’s My Town: A Little World For You To Build.

Row Two:
6. Tape Mural: DeSerres
7. Washi Tape House Mural: Hide & Sleep
8. Washi Tape “House” Storage: Marie Claire
9. Washi Tape Shelves: Bibelotte
10. Washi Tape Trim: Photos by Julien Fernandez via French by Design

Row Three:
11. Washi Tape Name: Craft and Creativity
12. Washi Tape Car Track: le jardin de juliette
13. Washi Tape Windows: Trendenser
14. Washi Tape Measuring Wall: con botas de agua
15. Washi Tape Kid’s Room: Mt Casa

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