Morning Moments of Zen: Create a "Wake Up Happier" Spot

Morning Moments of Zen: Create a "Wake Up Happier" Spot

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 30, 2015

Want to sail through the day clobbering stress and come back home renewed and ready to tackle the next day? You might just need to start your day off in the right way. How? By creating, and regularly using, your own personal, customized "wake up happier" spot to ensure that every day gets its best start yet.

So start by identifying what it is that would make your mornings just a little bit better and your day feel like it already got the best start. Eating better? Fitting in time for fitness or a hobby? Doing a little meditating? Then, you want to use your home to create a tiny little spot you can go to right as you wake up that has all the tools you need and is styled in a way that instantly puts a smile on your face first thing in the morning.

It doesn't have to be a big spot or terribly complicated; you're just looking for a little piece of real estate to makeover into the perfect morning wake-up call, filled with your favorite things and so cheery it can make even a gray day seem full of positive potential.

Do you want to eat more nutritious breakfasts?

Make yourself a healthy eating spot. Create a corner in your kitchen that has an array of cute containers filled with yummy granola that you can see. Incorporate a favorite bowl filled with fruit or place your blender on prominent display so it's easier to use.

Want to pump out some reps and get a bit of a sweat going?

Make a workout area. Find a spot where your yoga mat can sit (rolled up or laid out). Have a spot where your weights can go (and not stick out like a sore thumb). Hang up a jump rope on a cute hook that makes it easier to pull outside and jump out a few. Even just find a spot to display some cute workout clothes that make you feel motivated to get moving in the morning.

Want to actually practice that meditation practice?

Create a relaxing corner. Find a cushion, some natural light or candles, a relaxing scent, some beautiful plants and a bit of privacy where you can plop down and practice.

Want to write more?

Make yourself a little inspiring writing corner complete with a comfy seat, a smooth writing surface, a nice journal and some pens or pencils at the ready.

Or whatever it is that you want to try and do in the morning. Decorate with intention. Make room for all the tools you need for your "best morning, best day" ever task. Give yourself an opportunity to have a good day from the outset.

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