Sewing Machines: Beauty or the Beast?

Sewing Machines: Beauty or the Beast?

Nov 28, 2008

Looking for a sewing machine this holiday season? Do you want something that fits into your decor and has a lot of features or something that has enough power to sew a leather jacket? Read on...

The image above is of a home embroidery machine which we own and love. It is not cheap but if you are serious about embroidery and don't want to spend the $5k for a small pro machine- try the Singer Quantum Futura. There are a few different models but the one we bought (ce200) can now be had for under $600. It comes with software for making your own designs and hooks up to your computer so you feel all scientifical.

We evaluated an entry level machine from Singer a few months ago- it would make a great starter machine. It's pretty simple to use and does what anyone starting out will need it to:

Now we are going to introduce you to something you may not have considered: The Morse Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine:

Yes, its ugly... but if you really want to sew ACTUAL denim and make ACTUAL jeans you will not find anything in home machines under a few grand that comes close to it.
This machine is one tough customer in terms of its abilities, do not let its unabashedly boring looks turn you away. We have used many home machines, including one called the "Jeans Machine" which could not make it through more than a couple of layers of fabric and whimpered in pain when anything over 8oz denim is even hand cranked through them.

The Morse Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machines are portable, so they dont come with or need a table. They are basically a copy of a more expensive machine that is designed for making sails for sailboats, on sailboats. That means you can sew through almost anything with one; leather, vinyl, diamonds(not really) and multiple layers of heavy fabrics.

Other than the looks, there is one caveat: weight. It's 40 lbs. That is not terrible if you tend to leave your machine at home, but may be a pain if you are always moving it around.

This machine can be had for $349 which is less than almost ANY home machine that claims Jeans-level capabilities. They move around the net a lot and the only connection we found recently is their phone number- 209 523 6978. Even the pic was hard to come by.

A few different choices for you to consider, depending on your needs... Give one a try and have a happy holiday.

The End.

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