Moses and Jamie's Whimsical Modern

Moses and Jamie's Whimsical Modern

Beth Zeigler
Nov 25, 2009

Name: Jamie and Moses
Location: Silver Lake, California
Size: 900 square feet
Years lived in: 1 year

There are some houses that you walk into where you immediately feel at home. That was definitely the case when we stopped by Moses and Jamie's delightful home for this Apartment Therapy House Tour. Of course, it also didn't hurt that we were offered a mimosa before we even set our belongings down (not to worry, we didn't partake). It's hard to believe that these two have only lived here one short year--every vignette looks like it took precious time to evolve. We'll definitely be bookmarking this set of pics as inspiration for our next move (and we're guessing you might too).

The first thing we noticed was the ginormous patio that the couple has all to themselves (unless, of course, you include their adorable and personable cat, Vivienne). They also have a backyard chock-full of home-grown veggies and plants (chard, basil, tarragon, mint, green beans, heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, Thai chili, chives and lavender). Can we move in already?! The pair also isn't afraid of a paint brush, having chosen calming greens and blues with pops of red for a playful element. Even Jamie's clothes closet is afforded a school-girl pink coat of paint, topped off with artwork and an inspiration wire that would make anyone green with envy.

AT Survey:

Our style: Pseudo-Boho. Moses is an Industrial Designer (clean lines, tons of paints and contemporary designs). I go more for comfortable antique (throw pillows, knick-knacks, fresh flowers and photographs).

Inspiration: Moses loves Neutra, Lautner and case study houses while I gear more toward Bloomsbury British Modernism. Fortunately, we had Charles and Ray Eames relationship for inspiration. They were both style-oriented and managed to keep their separate interests work together to forge a new, individual style as a couple. 

Favorite Element: I love the kitchen floor (though it's dingy), Moses loves the private patio and ample plant room.

Biggest Challenge: When we moved in, the bedroom and office were carpeted. One day we realized it pulled away from the wall a bit in the corners and started pulling. Thank god there was hardwood underneath, but we still need to sand off all the left-over glue.

What Friends Say: "You don't share that patio with anyone else?!?"

Biggest Embarrassment: The furnace in the living room is really horrible and impossible to cover up because it gets really hot and is the only heat source in the entire place.

Proudest DIY: We bought a old Eames chair from a yard sale in Glendora which Moses completely restored--it was a fun and rewarding project, although having never dealt with fiberglass, we were a little itchy for a few days.

Biggest Indulgence: Our sofa. We moved from San Francisco and bought it at Therapy, a store Moses worked at while he was in design school, and got a discount. Other than our car, we've never spent that much on anything--even WITH the discount.

Best advice: Do all the big things as soon as you move into a place--paint, hang pictures, change bad fixtures and hang drapes. It's a tremendous amount of work, but it's worth it to enjoy the space!

Dream source: Hmmm. We go back and forth on our "dream" for a space. Sometimes it's a modernistic house with a huge yard, the next day we'd like to have an industrial loft space with ample room to build walls, etc. Pulling together our home is something we both look forward to and love doing together. We have a friend working at Ford and Ching in Chinatown here in LA. The space is AMAZING--an old Chinese theater redone as a living space and show room. For the time being, I think we'd live there. The kitchen counter's at least 20 feet long. One of my biggest frustrations in life is not enough counter space.

Inspiration: I'll stick with the Eames


Furniture: We have a few pieces from Ford and Ching--the flower pot and stand in the living room gives a little of the modernist asthetic Moses loves so much, and we also have a teeny tiny table in the bedroom that give a more homey-rustic look to a room dominated by Moses cleaner tastes. We like balance. Moses entered into the relationship with a case study sofa he bought at IKEA while he was in school. It's getting on in years, but has proved the most functional piece we own (and makes the office function as a guest room). The curio cabinet is from the Fairfax Swap meet. Amazingly, it's survived three moves AND the babyhood of Moses' nephew--who spent his terrible twos trying to ram the ottoman into the glass doors.

Accessories: We buy flowers every week at the Farmer's Market--so the huge vase in our living room is never empty. The curio case is refreshed regularly--it contains everything from family photographs to Jamie's grandmother's serving spoons and Moses' Star Wars toys.

Lighting: It's all IKEA. In the office we removed a ceiling fan and found the hole left in the ceiling was huge. So we put an LP over it and threaded the light through--it's a fun conversation piece.

Rugs and Carpets: Hardly any--we have one in the living room, and in the bathroom we swapped bathmats for deck tiles after we stayed at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs--it was pretty inspiring.

Window Treatments: Oh what a pain--our place in SF had huge windows, so Jamie had to hem everything with the tutelage of Moses' mom.


Artwork: The art behind the couch is a mix of Eames images from their house of cards set. It's also mixed in with some LP covers (Fleetwood Mac and ELO), as well as some postcards. My closet has the largest grouping of artwork. We set things there when we first moved in and decided we loved the art there. Our favorite is the painting done by our friend and SF artist, Jon Casey Clary (it has a spot of prominence). I collect plates and have since my first place in Brooklyn (the collection's getting a little out of control). Other favorites: Animal faces I bought as a birthday gift for Moses while we were living in Brooklyn, SF Bike poster Moses found at Fairfax and a pencil drawing of a cat I rescued for the Sante D'or, (the animal shelter I volunteer at in Hollywood). One of the junior volunteers drew it and put it in an auction to support the shelter.

Paint: Every apartment we've had together (four from Brooklyn, SF to
LA) has had at least one room painted in "Honey Suckle"--at this apartment it's the office.

(Thanks, Jamie and Moses!)

Photos by Beth Zeigler

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