These Are the Most Popular Infomercial Products by State

published May 23, 2018
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Do you live in Proactiv or P90X territory? Are your neighbors still buying Shake Weights and ThighMasters? Google Trends has seen us in our Snuggies (30 million sold, and counting) and snooped into our purchasing data to find the definitive answers.

Skipping commercials altogether on the regular by streaming your favorite shows and movies may have you thinking infomercial products are a thing of the past, but oh no—we Americans are still buying Ped Eggs and Nutrisystem shakes, George Foreman Grills and Bowflex machines, and by the millions.

Using Google Trends data, analysts at AT&T Savings ranked our purchases to figure out which late-night retail pitch grabs us the most by region. We’re talking Pajama Jeans, Shamwows, Grab Its—all the world’s most ridiculous single-use products and gadgets, compiled into a colorful map for your browsing pleasure.

And the team at AT&T Savings had some fun with the burns after the results, too:

“States from Connecticut to Colorado are getting toned with P90X, pretending to workout with a Shake Weight (yeah we see you, Arkansas and West Virginia), or eating barely passable diet meals with Nutrisystem (a company that happens to be worth 1.6 billion).”

Here’s the breakdown by state:

  • Alabama: George Foreman Grill
  • Alaska: Magic Bullet
  • Arizona: Cami Secret
  • Arkansas: Shake Weight
  • California: Proactiv
  • Colorado: P90X
  • Connecticut: Nutrisystem
  • Delaware: Snuggie
  • District of Columbia: OxiClean
  • Florida: Slice-o-matic
  • Georgia: Night View Glasses
  • Hawaii: OxiClean
  • Idaho: P90X
  • Illinois: ThighMaster
  • Indiana: Sticky Buddy
  • Iowa: Sticky Buddy
  • Kansas: Ahh Bra
  • Kentucky: P90X
  • Louisiana: Potato Express
  • Maine: Shamwow
  • Maryland: Night View Glasses
  • Massachusetts: Showtime Rotisserie
  • Michigan: Grab It
  • Minnesota: Bowl Light
  • Mississippi: Proactiv
  • Missouri: Ped Egg
  • Montana: P90X
  • Nebraska: P90X
  • Nevada: Proactiv
  • New Hampshire: My Pillow
  • New Jersey: Nutrisystem
  • New Mexico: Proactiv
  • New York: Aluma wallet
  • North Carolina: Sani Sticks
  • North Dakota: George Foreman Grill
  • Ohio: Ped Egg
  • Oklahoma: Proactiv
  • Oregon: Proactiv
  • Pennsylvania: Grab It
  • Rhode Island: Magic Bullet
  • South Carolina: Sticky Buddy
  • South Dakota: Total Gym
  • Tennessee: Proactiv
  • Texas: Proactiv
  • Utah: P90X
  • Vermont: Pajama Jeans
  • Virginia: Sani Sticks
  • Washington: ThighMaster
  • West Virginia: Shake Weight
  • Wisconsin: P90X
  • Wyoming: Bowflex

Wondering where people even find some of these products nowadays? (I’m looking at you, Bumpits.) The As Seen on TV store has a product list of pretty much every infomercial product ever pitched on air, with links to where to buy them. Though the majority of them seem to find their way to Goodwill, brand new in the box, so maybe check there first.