Breastpumping Rather than Breastfeeding

Breastpumping Rather than Breastfeeding

Alejandra Valera
Mar 16, 2010

"Some of us moms are a little neurotic, and the pump really works for us...We can see what the baby eats, and it makes us feel so much better." Add one more option to the infant feeding mix.

Is nursing still nursing if you use a bottle? Does it really matter? A recent Time Magazine article by Catherine Sharick discusses the rise in the number of mothers who choose to expel their breast milk and bottle feed rather than nurse directly. The article states that some of the advantages to this practice is more freedom for the mother, being able to drink and then "pump and dump" and equal feeding time for partners all while still having the benefits of breast milk.

Still, the camp is divided. Isn't it always? Gordon Gallup, a professor at the University of Albany states, "When you just have a relationship with a pump instead of with a baby, the milk supply can dwindle because the mother may not be secreting the hormone oxytocin that aids in a mother's milk letdown." While, Loretta McCallister of La Leche League adds, "Women who choose to pump are still providing breast milk for their babies, while doing what is best for their families...and that is much better than turning to formula."

What do you think?

Read more at Time's Web site.

Image from our post: mimijumi - The Very Hungry Breast Shaped Bottle.

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