Hang an iPad Using Your Smart Cover

Hang an iPad Using Your Smart Cover

Vivian Kim
Mar 18, 2011

That Smart Cover you undoubtedly purchased with your iPad 2 has a funny little "feature" which allows you to mount your iPad on metal surfaces. It may seem a bit silly to see your iPad helplessly dangling from its thin magnetic cover, but from the kitchen to the office, this nifty case can be surprisingly useful.

Yesterday there were a few bloggers who tried sticking their iPads onto their refrigerators. With the fridge door opening/closing (not to mention the long drop from the iPad to the kitchen floor), mounting your beloved iPad to your fridge seems a bit unnerving for most. Your desk/workspace could also be a useful and safer location for your hanging iPad, perhaps on a magnetic bulletin board or metal shelf above your monitor (also a nice way to keep the iPad eye level). I tried this for myself on a metal shelf and the magnetic cover was quite secure. Even if my iPad fell, it'd be a short drop distance between the shelf and my desk surface.

The magnets used for the Smart Covers are definitely stronger than I expected—so strong that I felt comfortable enough leaving my iPad hanging unattended. While not always practical or totally full-proof, it's a fun quirky feature that could actually add some creativity and function to your space.

(Images: Gizmodo)

[Gizmodo via 9to5mac]

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