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Mount Your iPad in the Car For Less Than $3

updated Mar 13, 2019
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Yesterday, we talked about how awesome it was to use our 3G iPad as an in car navigation unit, the apps were helpful in getting us to our destination and the device was by far the best in car navigation we have ever used. Now it is time to look at some clever car mounting solutions.

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While using our device in the car, we could not help but wonder about ways to mount the iPad temporarily in the car to make it even easier to use. After a helpful reader suggestion and some internet searching we found these neat DIY iPad car mounting solutions.

Reader Rauscha from Massachusetts suggested Velcro, and while this solution is not the best if you want to leave your dash unmarred, it is incredibly cheap and quick, as it sells for under $3 a pack and requires no tools to install.

YouTube user Jackyyuen posted a tutorial video on how to use a cord to secure the iPad to the vents in car through the use of the Apple iPad case. His solution costs around $.50! The instructions for how to secure the iPad appear towards the end of his video, so skip ahead if you do not wish to view the tour of what the iPad can do that makes up the first 2 or so minutes.

We think both solutions are clever, but we are not crazy about the idea of adhering Velcro to our iPad even though it would open up a variety of mounting options. An easy workaround for this would be to instead use a cheap silicone case and adhere the Velcro to the back. We have not yet come up with a clever solution for keeping our dash clean while using Velcro to mount and we would love to hear your suggestions.

[image Jackyyuen]