Get Inspired By These Recreated Movie Kitchens

updated Jul 16, 2020
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Some people watch movies to stir the soul or explore human truths or to make sure they can still feel feelings. Others watch movies to ogle at fictional kitchens. If you’re part of the latter group, then this post is for you.

HomeAdvisor, a website that connects homeowners with service professionals, took seven famous movie kitchens and put them in 3D form to help those looking for kitchen inspiration. Whether you prefer your kitchen to be small but tasteful (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”), spacious but ominous (“Gone Girl”), or located in a galaxy far, far, away (“Star Wars”), you should be able to find a kitchen that speaks to you in the list below.

(Image credit: HomeAdvisor)

Amélie Poulain’s kitchen (“Amélie”)

Need a little whimsy in your life? Watch “Amélie.” Then, do as our romantic ingenue does in that film and go big and bold in your kitchen. Amélie’s (Audrey Tautou) kitchen is definitely A Choice, but if you look closely, the color is really the only bold thing about it—the other elements are fairly traditional and thus (somewhat) ground the bright red room.

(Image credit: HomeAdvisor)

Holly Golightly’s kitchen (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”)

If you’re in need of either small space or 1960s inspiration, Holly Golightly’s (Audrey Hepburn) tiny New York apartment, complete with an even tinier kitchen, should do the trick. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean you can’t host fabulously rowdy parties or have sad sing-a-longs with your cat, Cat, darling.

(Image credit: HomeAdvisor)

Charlotte York’s kitchen (“Sex and the City 2”)

This kitchen is totally a Charlotte (Kristin Davis). Its white monochromatic design gives it a polished, if not slightly pretentious look. For a New York City apartment, it’s huge, and while some people might be into that gorgeous large range cooker, I am here for the gray and white checkered floor.

(Image credit: HomeAdvisor)

The Dunnes’ kitchen (“Gone Girl”)

Prefer your kitchen be cold, distant, and full of secrets? Amy (Rosamund Pike) and Nick Dunne’s (Ben Affleck) kitchen from the 2014 thriller “Gone Girl” is the one for you. The open concept and high-end appliances make the room sleek and stylish, and help perpetuate the lie that Amy and Nick are a happy, successful couple. If you’ve watched David Fincher’s film or read Gillian Flynn’s novel, you know this is not the case. Like, at all.

(Image credit: HomeAdvisor)

The Owens’ family kitchen (“Practical Magic”)

Come for Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock’s spells, stay for the warm and cozy kitchen full of bare wood furniture and white painted cabinets. It’s a little bit farmhouse, a little bit folksy, and a great space to relax in after dealing with that evil ex-boyfriend you and your witchy sister resurrected. Honestly, that farmhouse sink is worth putting up with any magical hazards you may encounter here.

(Image credit: HomeAdvisor)

Erica Barry’s kitchen (“Something’s Gotta Give”)

No “Movie Kitchen” post would ever be complete without one Nancy Meyers film (my personal fave is Meryl Streep’s kitchen in “It’s Complicated”—a true dream). Erica’s (Diane Keaton) gorgeous Hampton’s kitchen is all about that fabulous island. It’s the perfect place for a late night flirty pancake session with your arrogant yet charming house guest, or even better, for some wine and dinner with that hot young doctor who is totally into you and happens to look like Keanu Reeves.

(Image credit: HomeAdvisor)

Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s kitchen (“Star Wars: A New Hope”)

Looking for something a little more space-ious (you’re welcome)? Take a look at the kitchen where Luke Skywalker grew up in his Aunt and Uncle’s house on Tatooine. What it lacks in space, it makes up for in storage. All of that shelving is a home organizer’s dream!