Movies Meet the Real World: Movie Technology Comes to Your Home Office

Movies Meet the Real World: Movie Technology Comes to Your Home Office

Chris Perez
Jun 8, 2012

You gotta love the way movies make using technology look so dang cool. From hoverboards, to dynamic multi-touch displays, to flying concept all serves to dazzle and bring us into a future universe where we all know exactly how to use our devices without a hiccup or a typo. We list our favorite tech showcased in some of the latest movies along with the closest things we have to that tech now.

The Avengers - Seamless Push Transfers

In one of the character development scenes in The Avengers, while Tony Stark is getting all geek-friendly with Bruce Banner, he non-chalantly pushes a few windows and files from one computer's monitor to another machine. It's subtle, sweet, and we want it.

The Real World Option

This new feature from the famous Bump app provides a way to transfer photos seamlessly from iPhone to Mac in a similar, yet not as snazzy, fashion.

Avatar - Wrap-around transparent monitors

One of my favorite 3D moments during Avatar was the pan-and-scan shot through the workspace. You see the team of scientists and programmers working on giant transparent wrap-around displays. If my office had tech that cool I might not work from home.

The Real World Option

This curved monitor from NEC is the closest thing to that we got now. It's big, it's fat, but sadly it's no longer available. Though, it's more than likely similar display tech like it will be on the way.

The Avengers, Iron Man - Interactive 3D Holograms

Oh, who is it at the forefront of techno-cool concepts again but Tony Stark. You've no doubt seen him interact and manipulate 3D holographic models as he makes tweaks to his Iron Man armor, or shows off his cool new skyscraper plan to Ms. Pepper Potts. I'll take one hacked into my IKEA Vika desk, please.

The Real World Option

This Holocube uses 3D projection and touchscreen capabilities to get us somewhat close to what Tony has in his lab.

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol - Interactive Multitouch Windshield

Quick, I need directions to that new Dwell Studio store so I'm not late for the grand opening. Good thing you have Paula Patton in the passenger seat of your BMW i8 to handle the map, route, and directions viewable on your windshield. Since it doesn't look like cars are ever going to fly, I'll take this as a consolation prize. Okay... yeah...I said home office in the title, but who's to say you don't have a mobile home office?

The Real World Option

We're pretty far off from that level on interactivity in the car space - the auto industry is always behind. The best you can do is the new heads-up display technology from BMW. No touch screen, no multi-touch, no fancy UI, but at least it's on the windshield.

Minority Report - Interactive UI

This is the one that started it all, to the point where people still refer to similar interaction as "The Minority Report Effect."

Fast forward 10 years and we're just now starting to see display technologies approach this vast level of interactivity. Pinch to zoom, slide, shuffle, and layer. I still want this in my office even if I have to wear blue-led lit Nintendo power gloves.

The Real World Option

This Samsung smart window is actually getting pretty close to what we want. Now just make it super-thin and give me about 6 of them that retract out of my desk.

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