Moving Alexander Hamilton's House

Moving Alexander Hamilton's House

Aaron Able
Jun 9, 2008

We've talked a lot about moving the past few weeks — but few of us will ever have the experience of physically moving an entire house. On Saturday, Alexander Hamilton's country home, the Grange was moved from its home on Convent Avenue and 141st Street (first moved in 1889, the house had only been at its most recent location for 119 years of its 206 year existence) to around the corner and down the block into it's new foundation in St. Nicholas Park...

Financed by the National Park Service, the move took years of planning. The
from The New York Times does an excellent job of explaining the difficulties of the phyiscal move, while the slideshow lets us view the progress of the move.

The house, with it's new foundation in the foreground:

Check out all the coverage from The New York Times — there are two brief articles, Hamilton Home Heads to a Greener Address and Witnessing a House, and History, on the Move. Additionally, the interactive graphic,
Moving a Historic Home
and slideshow of the move, Moving Day for the Grange are full of information. Did any ATers witness the move?

Images: Andrew Henderson for The New York Times

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