Moving Appliances? Grab Some Windex for an Easy Slide

Moving Appliances? Grab Some Windex for an Easy Slide

Taryn Williford
May 13, 2010

At the risk of sounding like the dad from My Big, Fat Greek Wedding, Windex really is a magical tool. You can use it for everything from removing nail polish from carpets to getting rid of home-infesting ants (But don't spray it on your LCD screen!). It even helps when you're moving heavy appliances around your home!

Moving large appliances is no small feat—especially when they have rubber feet.

Next time you're replacing your refrigerator (hopefully for an energy-efficient model!), have a friend or three prop it up on two feet while you spray Windex underneath (It's your hack, you get the easy job).

Once you've coated all the feet with a bit of the blue magic spray, you should find that your bazillion-ton fridge becomes light as air and glides over the floor of your kitchen!

Via Lifehacker

(Image: Flickr user HeatherMG under license from Creative Commons.)

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