10 Tips For Living With Mom and Dad Again

10 Tips For Living With Mom and Dad Again

Rebecca Orlov
Dec 1, 2009

This has been a financially challenging year for many people and quite a few adult children made the decision to give up their apartments and move back home with their parents in order to get back on their feet. If you are dealing with this, consider these tips to make this transitional period easier to get through as you get your life back on track.

1) Set up your space for your life now. If you are moving back into your childhood home, your bedroom may still be the same. Consider redoing this space to make it feel more like your current design style. Use decor and furniture from your last apartment to create this new look in your old bedroom. Or if you are staying in a guest room or the office, also makeover this space to your current design style.

2) Since your things will probably be in storage during this transitional time, make sure to keep out your favorite things to help with tip #1. Your fave light shade, frames, chair, comforter, etc. Keep out things that make you happy.

3) Just like you would with a roommate, talk to your family and set up boundaries so there are no misunderstandings. Get everything out on the table. Just because you cleaned the table as a kid, doesn't mean you should have to be responsible for cleaning everyone's dishes now. And on the flip side, just because your mom picked up after you when you were kid does not mean she should have to do it for you now. Be considerate of the space you are sharing.

4) Along these lines, talk about your time line so every knows what your plan is. Let your parents know if you need six weeks or six months to figure your out your next move. As amazing as it is for you to be able to go home again, your parents have their schedules as well and it's respectful to keep them in the loop on this.

5) Try to keep the same schedule you did when you were living on your own. Do laundry on the same day, clean on the same day, etc. By keeping some kind of similar schedule, you won't feel so unsettled.

6) Like we mentioned in tips for renters to feel at home, unpack all of your things that you brought with you. You will feel better. Make the most of this time and settle in so you can focus on figuring out your next steps.

7) Many parents won't mind buying the groceries but consider buying your own food. Although you are trying to save money, there are ways you can feel like you are doing your own thing. Definitely talk about this when you do tip #3.

8) Create zones in your bedroom since you may not be used to one-room living. Make your bedroom into a functioning studio. There are tons of small space tips for you to consider so make the most of this space.

9) Along these lines, set up an office space. Forget laying in bed to pay the bills or search for a new gig, set up a dedicated office space in your parents home. It most likely will be in your bedroom so consider hanging some elfa shelves or get a desk and a good chair and call it your office home.

10) Keep it in perspective! Although living at home again was not in your plans, life is a journey and things happen. Be grateful for your family and enjoy this unique time with them.

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