Moving Beyond Delicious Bookmarks

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Last month, when Yahoo announced that they were “sunsetting” Delicious Bookmarks, it caused somewhat of a panic as Delicious users scrambled to either back up or transfer their bookmarks away from Delicious. Since then, Delicious has said that they aren’t closing down, but that the service is for sale. While this may not be much comfort for users who have thousands of bookmarks saved on Delicious, many users have moved beyond simple bookmarking.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I used to bookmark sites and links routinely on Delicious, but over the last few years, I’ve almost stopped using this service. I’ve started using other ways of doing similar things to bookmarking, without having to rely on one service. Like many users, I wasn’t thrilled about learning that Yahoo would be closing down Delicious, those were the reports initially at least, I wasn’t that worried as I had moved onto a different kind of bookmarking.

Here is the way that my bookmarks flow. I don’t rely on any one service, which makes it slightly more robust. I also back up my bookmarks periodically onto Google Bookmarks and Firefox bookmarks, which ensures that I never loose them.

1. Starring in Google Reader
I read a lot of articles for work and starring them is the way that I earmark them for future use. These bookmarks are temporary. Once I’ve read or used an article or a source, I usually unstar it. Starring articles that I want to read later, in a non-work capacity, didn’t work out because of the flow and volume of posts that I star. That’s why I had to find other ways of bookmarking.

2. Read It Later
I mentioned this Firefox extension yesterday and I use it exclusively to bookmark articles and posts that I will read on a later date. The flow of these bookmarks is somewhat slower, but there still is one. Articles get marked and then unmarked regularly. The extension makes perusing the marked posts very straightforward and painless, which is why I use it.

3. Tweets
I tend to tweet interesting links. Since Twitter doesn’t guarantee archiving tweets beyond a certain time limit, I use Twittinesis to automatically publish my tweets to my blog daily. This means that I can search through them using Google. I also back up my tweets in Google Reader. When you subscribe to the RSS feed of your tweets in Google Reader, you end up archiving them.

4. Blogging
I will blog about any links that I consider important and relevant in a special category that is named ‘asides’. This category comes standard with the K2 WordPress theme.

5. Pinboard
A lot of Delicious users have flocked to Pinboard, which calls itself the ‘anti-social networking bookmarking site’. While I haven’t tried it out, many people report that it’s minimal yet effective. This service costs $9.15 to sign up. Before the Delicious announcement, costs were as low as $5-7.

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