Moving Dilemma: Reverting to Old School Technology

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

My recent move overseas has been fraught with difficulty, not in the least of which is the fact that a bureaucratic snafu means that though I am halfway around the world, my crates full of stuff are still back in DC. Though I count myself lucky to be in a place that provides a welcome kit of stuff to help me bridge the gap, I initally had a hard time adjusting to life with a VCR and a 19in tube TV, a setup I haven’t seen since my college dorm room lo these many years ago.

Over time though, I have gotten used to my dialed back expectations. The few DVDs I have with me can be watched on my laptop which has about the same size screen as my current TV. The small screen means big movie night are out of the question, so I have rediscovered the joy of smaller viewing parties gathered in close around the TV. Though I know I will be thrilled when my shipment arrives around Thanksgiving, in the end, I have to confess the feeling of nostaliga has outweighed the inconvenience, and I have quite enjoyed reverting back to simpler days.

Have any of you found yourselves rather enjoying time you spend forced to live without your technology? Could you ever imagine downsizing your TV expectations? When was the last time you found yourself living with a screen no bigger than your monitor?