Moving? Have a Packing Party!

Moving? Have a Packing Party!

Abby Stone
Jan 31, 2011


I love moving. The chance to start over again, a fresh new place, a focused opportunity to toss old belongings. That's the good part. The not so good part: packing. Iin of it itself packing can be a drag. Why not invite your friends to help and turn a dreary task into an event? Wrapping glasses in newspaper becomes a lot more fun when it's combined with music, spontaneous dancing, drinking beer, eating pizza, catching up or meeting new friends, reminiscing about the good times had and the good times to come. Here's some ways to throw your own packing party.

  • Let people know what time you'll be at the old place (or the new place if you're actually having an unpacking party). Let them know that you'd be happy to have their help for however long they can stay. Fifteen minutes, an hour, it's all good. And, even if they don't help, sometimes it's just nice to have the company.
  • Provide plenty of newspaper, boxes, markers and tape.
  • Even kids can join in; they can pack books, soft goods and non-breakables.
  • Pizza's a traditional easy-to-eat food but anything you can eat quickly and out of hand is good. Beer is nice and a good thirst quencher (packing's exhausting work). Champagne makes it festive.
  • Upbeat music keeps the energy up. Be sure to sprinkle your play list with some old favorites that everyone knows the words to.
  • Don't forget the pump soap. Dust can make some folks itchy and newspaper quickly dirties your hands. Also good to have on hand: hairbands, bobby pins and elastics for people with long hair, old shirts, dust rags or feather dusters (some things — books that haven't been moved in a while — maybe unexpectedly dusty).
  • Be clear about what you need packed; have stuff separated before people come and set them to specific tasks.

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