Plugging In: A New Lease on Life – Introduction

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Part diary, part how-to, part peanut gallery, Kate and J are moving this month and you get to go along for the ride–but only the good stuff: you don’t have to do the tough stuff like packing and hefting boxes. Kate will post about their experiences related to home technology, what they’ve learned, and seek your advice for help in putting it all together.

Throughout this whole process, we want to develop and find resources to help you improve your own home in the context of real life, whether or not you’re moving. We hope you’ll be inspired by watching two people go through the process here on Unplggd, learning along side them, lending your advice, and encouraging them as they go.

Starting on Monday, we’ll look at the floor plan and seek your ideas for arranging their living room furniture including their audio/visual technology, how to better integrate what A/V technology they’ve already got, and what they should look at purchasing next to meet their needs and optimize what they already own.

Also next week we’ll start to focus on lighting, because the living room doesn’t have any to begin with, and what they own won’t be enough. Kate will share a primer on lighting, and then look at how they apply it to their layout, considering the paint colors and the room’s needs.

Later in the month Kate and J will report back on the layout and how they feel it’s working out, and continue the lighting discussion, this time focusing on technologies that help you set the mood via lighting in both the living room and bedroom. We’ll see progress pics and see what projects they should tackle next – wiring speakers to another room, for example, and getting their landing strip wired with a charging station.

They don’t have a budget that allows for a lot of fancy stuff, but have some allowance to buy things they need like lighting, and perhaps a bit of new technology for their home. Please keep in mind that these are real people living on a realistic budget–and playing nice in the sandbox is required.

– The great photo is by RBerteig.