Cohabitation: Moving In Together

Cohabitation: Moving In Together

Kristen Lubbe
Aug 3, 2009

Couples move in together all the time, it's fun and exciting.. until the arguments inevitably break out about who has to get rid of what and whose furniture is uglier. It's pretty fascinating that two people can get along well enough to want to cohabitate — yet can have such differing styles in home decorating..

When my boyfriend and I moved in together, we were lucky enough to only skim the surface of potential battle grounds. He had too much stuff, I had very little. I was constantly nudging him to get rid of things that just weren't going to fit in the place we were going to share. My furniture was mostly mid-century Danish pieces, and his were modern leather sofas, skateboard photos/memorabilia and items from IKEA.

The result; a fully furnished apartment that is just a tad too masculine (from my point of view!). All in all, we were happily surprised that our design tastes were very similar and our belongings just seemed to fit together. We'll take a too masculine work in progress over let's-forget-the-whole-darn-thing any day!

What obstacles did you run into during your cohabitation journey?

(Photos: Kristen Lubbe)

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