Moving In Together Means Getting Rid of All the Ratty Old Granny Panties

Moving In Together Means Getting Rid of All the Ratty Old Granny Panties

Tess Wilson
May 6, 2013

High Fidelity keeps coming up in conversation, and it's made me think of this exchange between Rob and Laura: "And then I come home, and there´s no lingerie and..." "I have lingerie." "Yes, you do. You have great lingerie, but you also have the cotton underwear that´s been washed a thousand times, and it´s hanging on the thing.." I'd like to avoid that exchange.

First, know that I mean absolutely no offense to grannies. I'm sure your lingerie collections put mine to shame, and I aspire to be half as fabulous as you are when I grow up.

Second, I know that a relationship takes commitment, communication, compassion, trust, openness, vulnerability, affection, forgiveness, patience, playfulness, humor, acceptance, courage, maturity, and good old fashioned hard work. But cute, clean underpants certainly don't hurt.

Third, I'm sure there are those of you out there who own only Great Lingerie, and it would never occur to you to hold onto sub-par/worn-out underthings. Your boxer briefs are pristine, with snappy elastic. Your bras and panties are adorable and barely-worn, and as Plum Sykes wrote about in Vogue, they all match. I salute all of you for your discipline and your impressive unmentionables budget.

But for the rest of us? There are probably some less-than-ideal boxers and boy shorts floating around the underwear drawer, exactly the sort of thing you would not want to be caught wearing if you were in a car accident, and that you definitely wouldn't want to be caught wearing by your luvah. But they come in handy, and new underpants, undershirts, and bras cost money, and so we hold onto them. Until now.

I'm jettisoning all panties that don't fill me with pride, all bras and tank tops that have been languishing for years, everything so old and worn that I can't even remember buying it. Except for one pair of Calvin Kleins I bought in high school that are still in near-perfect shape, because I'm dying to see how long they'll last. 

What sorts of things did you get rid of and/or replace before moving in with a love? 

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