Moving is Done! Tons of Stuff Tossed/Recycled/Sold Later...

Moving is Done! Tons of Stuff Tossed/Recycled/Sold Later...

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 3, 2005

Old Office - before move
Are we tired today. After a weekend of moving out and in, we finally have a new office, but our DSL connection is not up yet, so - ironically - we're working out of home for the next few days.

Old Office - during move
Friday night Vincent Devaney did a beautiful job screening, repairing and laying down one coat of polyurethane on our new office's dark floors so that they were ready to go the next day. Saturday morning, our new landlord, Raymond, had one of his men paint the walls our choice of white paint (China White), which gave everything a nice, warm glow.

Old Office - etc..
Saturday, we moved out of our old place on Franklin Street, afer dealing with the most unreasonable and confusing people on earth (the new owners of the building), and we were unpacked in our new space on Crosby street by 10pm.

During the seven hours of packing and moving our entire office (which we share with two others), our movers, Rabbit Movers, were amazing. Calm, cool and incredibly friendly and professional, they kept us sane and smiling during a very long day.

New Office - just arriving

Sunday brought another whole day of unpacking and moving in. It's tight and there's still more to assemble and get rid of, but, boy, does it feel nice. We'll have more pics when everything is finally ready for it's closeup.

New Office - boxes to unpack

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