Moving Survey: Do You Have a Land Line?

Moving Survey: Do You Have a Land Line?

Jason Loper
Aug 23, 2010

Many, many years ago when I got my first apartment, I was so excited to get my first phone line in my own name. Having grown up in a one telephone household, having my own phone meant I had finally arrived. Of course, it was also the only way anyone could reach me. Oh how things have changed in the past fifteen years!

When The Husband and I moved into our newest apartment a few years ago, we decided to forego the land line completely. The only calls we received on the land line in our last apartment were telemarketers and wrong numbers so the decision was fairly easy. And since we get our DSL through the cable company, adding another utility (and bill) to the mix didn't seem necessary.

That was three years ago and we've been a cellphone-only household since. Considering the fact that I rarely use my phone to actually talk to people, it's not much of a stretch for me. And in this age of Skype and GoogleTalk, if I do want to talk to someone I have more options than just my cell phone.

The only drawback is that I miss the ring of my vintage rotary telephone. But I'll gladly give that up to avoid the endless calls from telemarketers and the extra bill for a land line.

So, have you ditched your land line? Tell us about your land line/cell phone usage in the comments below.

Image: Jason Loper

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