Moving Via the Web: Pitfalls and Things to Avoid!

Moving Via the Web: Pitfalls and Things to Avoid!

Campbell Faulkner
May 18, 2011

Moving can be a real pain and here at Unplggd we have featured many tips detailing better ways to move. Ranging from using to arrange truck packers to buying boxes. The internet and tech have made moving a much less painful process, but there are something sto avoid when using tech to make things "easier".

  1. Do Not Fall for "Combo Deals": When we scheduled our power start date, we were quickly directed to Comcast to sign up for cable and internet. Thinking this is the route we wanted to take, we signed up only to later realize that our building has a free fiber connection and Comcast cannot provided internet to our building. Neither Comcast nor ourselves is at fault, but we fell prey to the quick and easy ability to schedule services online. We suggest calling as it is easier and quicker to work with representatives over the phone ensuring that you are not forced to reshedule your initial service install.
  2. Searching for Apartments...: Moving to a new city and being a techie, we naturally l to went to the internet to seek out apartments. Little did we know for our market, this was a far from productive measure. While there were websites that provided apartment information, once we got hooked up with a Realtor, the process was much easier. In many markets, Realtors have access to non public listing databases and can better find properties using that system. You might have to pay a Realtor, or if you can fanangle it, they will do their work for you for free as they are getting paid by the properties they represent to find tenets. We suggest calling or asking around to find a Realtor to help you with your property needs.
  3. Movers from the Internet?: In the past, we have had great results using and would highly recommend them again. But if you are moving in state or only a short distance, you might find it cheaper to call around to local freight pick up companies. These companies pick up and move furniture, file cabinets with files, and the like around different areas. Often these companies have down time on weekends and will act as movers. Like a normal moving company, local freight companies are bonded and insured and will often pick up furniture you buy and move that along with your other goods. This makes them a better value, but much harder to find as they are often not listed on the internet. Just ask various interior designers or office managers to get recommendations as they are frequent users of such services.

What other moving tips do you have where the internet could lead you astray?

(Top image: Flickr member phil_g licensed under Creative Commons)

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