Moving: What Do You Do When Everything Goes Wrong?

Moving: What Do You Do When Everything Goes Wrong?

Jennifer Hunter
May 3, 2013

No really, I'm asking, because I'm at a bit of a loss here.  

I was prepared for the difficulty of a cross-country move into an apartment I'd never seen, and even though I did everything I could to make sure it would go smoothly, I was also ready to calmly deal with the problems that would inevitably arise.  But no amount of organizing (and trust me, that is my specialty) could have prevented the sheer frustration of what happened once the process was out of my hands. That was the hardest part, handing over all my worldly possessions to strangers who tossed them in a truck to be driven across the country by other strangers. "See you in a week (or three)!"

Arriving at JFK with a very drugged beagle was easy enough, and the taxi into Manhattan was even a bit romantic, or at least as romantic as possible after a day of plane travel. Taxis always remind me of that wonderful line from the movie  Manhattan: "You look so beautiful, I can barely keep my eyes on the meter."  

But things started to go awry when we arrived at our newly-constructed building to find that it was actually more like our still-being-constructed building, and the apartment wasn't quite habitable yet. But that's okay, since the moving truck hadn't shown up anyway.  

But the location is amazing, and we're so lucky to have a really convenient subway stop. I know, because the train shakes my empty apartment every 5-7 minutes. And it runs all night. Yay!  

And all that would have been okay if I didn't just run out of clean clothes on the same morning that I heard the moving truck has been delayed (again). I guess I'll be roughing it in an echoey, empty apartment for a while longer.  

I sound like a brat, I know. I'm lucky to be living in such an amazing city, and I'm really trying to focus on the positives like the beautiful New York spring weather, the great tap water, and access to a fresh bagel that doesn't taste like cardboard.  I'm sure after a little more sleep and a decent shower, things will start to look brighter.  

And even though I was practically dead on my feet, last night I found myself standing around the kitchen eating delivered Chinese straight from the carton.  Am I a New Yorker yet?  

(Image: Jennifer Hunter)

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