Mozilla Phone: The Ultimate Phone

Mozilla Phone: The Ultimate Phone

Range Govindan
Feb 5, 2009

It looks like Crackberry addicts are going to get their perfect phone. It combines OLED keys, like the ones on the ultimate keyboard from Art Lebedev, the Optimus, and a Blackberry. The designs are strikingly interesting, since the keys can display different information, therefore take different functionalities in different environments. While you use a calculator, numbers would appear. While navigating the internet, popular navigation icons would appear and while chatting, a full QWERTY would appear. Nifty!

Apparently, the Mozilla Phone is just a mashup of a Blackberry 7130 and the OLED keys from an Optimus keyboard. Still, it's an ingenious solution. Designer Billy May has been working with Mozilla Labs on developing this idea and wants some feedback from readers. If you have any great ideas, May asks you to head on over to the development blog and leave some comments.

The more I think of it, the better it sounds. Having contextual keys is a really great idea. It will cut down on some unnecessary keys and make things just a tad more efficient. Actually a lot more efficient. Think of the graphic designers using keyboards like these. This same idea will be applied to everyday use. Thankfully, there won't be too many OLED keys on this phone, since space is limited. The keys will also be a lot smaller than on an Optimus, so we can be pretty sure that this phone will be a lot cheaper that the Optimus' $1,600 price tag. [via Core77]

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