Mr. Nice Guy on Martha Stewart

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What we love so much about Martha is not only that she single handedly shares so many truly good things with us, but also that she single handedly gives us so much to write about. The latest comes from an upstanding, stay-at-home dad in Brooklyn who puts SKGR into paroxsysms of laughter daily. This is from yesterday:

“a generous anonymous reader directed your hero’s attention to this site:

  • Calling all Mr. Moms: Be a part of the “Mr. Mom Show” on Martha. It’s National Men Make Dinner Day and you’re invited to join 164 stay-at-home Dads in the live studio audience. Join us Thursday, November 3rd. It’s all about you, Dad!

    there are so very many things wrong with those four sentences, i have no clue where to begin. but i’ma give it my best.

    first of fucking all: mr. mom?? “mr. mom?” jumping moses, this is 2005, people! i ain’t no 1983 michael keaton fired-from-work clueless stay-at-home careerist douche battling gender stereotypes and finding myself suddenly discovering “gosh, parenting is hard work too!”” (Go to post)

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