Mrs. Carrillo's Project: Our Middle School Garden

Mrs. Carrillo's Project: Our Middle School Garden

Janel Laban
Apr 11, 2013

School: Martin Luther King  (High Poverty)
City: Madera, California
Teacher: Mrs. Carrillo

Project: Right now our school is all about scores and doing well on CST testing, so the focus has been on academics and nothing else. This garden will give students an outlet where they can relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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My Students: My students live an a very low economic area with very few opportunities for them to eat good fruits and vegetables. Our garden will grow fruits that are very expensive at the store and ones that few students have ever tasted. My goal is to expose our community to better fruit and vegetable choices.

My students come from backgrounds where their parents are farm workers. The majority of our students are of Hispanic descent. This community is in need of educating our students on making good choices when it comes to eating foods that are good for their bodies.

Many have no idea where their food comes from and how it is produced, even though the majority of these kids have parents who work in the agriculture industry. I want to enlighten their minds to show they can grow their own fruits and vegetables at home. I also want them to discover how they can take care of them to ensure they get the most out of each plant.

My Project: With the requested wheelbarrow, rakes, hoes, shovels, and hoses we hope to be planting fruits and vegetables that can be enjoyed all year long.

This will also give the students a sense of responsibility because it will make them proud of the fact that they grew what they will be eating. Students will be seeing the whole process from ground to table. They will grow and plant their own trees and vegetables and take care of them until they can be harvested. They will learn how photosynthesis is vital to growth and development of the fruits and vegetables they will be eating.

The ultimate goal is to educate not only the students, but also their parents. I am donating the trees being used (using money out of my own pocket) as well as the containers we will be growing the vegetables in. I would like help with the materials needed to get the project started. If we can get our garden established and students can see they can help and learn to grow their own fruits and vegetables, they might get inspired to join along with their friends.

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Sustainability & Our Community Garden

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