Mrs. Ojeda's Project: Growing in an Urban Iron Triangle

Mrs. Ojeda's Project: Growing in an Urban Iron Triangle

Janel Laban
Apr 5, 2013

School: Samuel Gompers (High Poverty)
City: Richmond, California
Teacher: Mrs. Ojeda

Project: Our students need to know where food comes from, and it does not come in a plastic package. Students should be introduced to growing and nurturing their own fruits and vegetables. I would like them to see where carrots come from and how they are not all small and pre washed.

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My Students: 

Minority students from poor economic region, lack fresh food, and support at home. Students have limited access warm meals at home or in our local high schools. My students want to limit their carbon footprint with by growing their own food in the classroom.

My 100+ students attend a Continuation High School in a poor economic region of the Bay Area, and need additional support to maintain motivation to learn and stay in school.

The students are socioeconomically disadvantaged and on free or reduced lunch. Despite the students' neighborhood, they put in extra hours at school and are determined to go to college. Most of our students are minorities including African American, Asian American and Latino.

A challenger for majority of the student is the access to a warm home cooked meal. Most of the students are given money for lunch because the lunch that they are provided is not warm or delicious. The students want warm or fresh food that does not come in packages. They want access to fruit and vegetables that are not precut, and preserved. Unfortunately the students tend to gravitate towards fast food, because it is the only thing open, cheap, hot when bought.

My Project:  I am asking on behalf of my students for seeds and knowledge of growing methods. Student will be able to see the seeds grow, move them to a bigger garden and tend to them daily. When it comes time to harvesting and reseeding the students will be able to see the cycle of farming. The students are eager to do more for themselves and their community.

My students come from a variety background and a diverse incomes, family structures, and cultures. When given a reason to explore new adventures as growing their own food, they are more excited as we weed the existing flower gardens. All the students need is some encouragement and seeds. Please help get my students to become the urban farmers that they want to be. My students will take these skills through high school, college, and into careers which. Thank you.

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