MSI Makes an All-in-One, Adds 3D for Good Measure

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As unoriginal as MSI’s previous attempts have been at, we’re actually kind of curious on their latest creation, which features full 3D capabilities built into their latest all-in-one PC. Ultra-cool glasses come included, but you’ll need to find the 3D content yourself.

MSI’s new All-in-One Wind line features world’s first 1080p-capable 3D machine. The announced model packs a 24-inch 120Hz LED display, multitouch support, and Core i3/i5/i7 CPU. Other “greener” models will have low-consuming power supplies and (hopefully) the whisper-quiet operation we’ve become accustomed to after using all of our laptops and other All-in-One PCs.

No word on pricing as of yet, but we’re interested in seeing the developments in 3D media becoming a reality in the near-present future. Our only gripe is that how it’d be 100x cooler if glasses weren’t required. But hey, no one’s complained yet, right?

[Via Gizmodo]