Muji Award 02 Winners

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Muji, the Japanese retailer of minimalist chic, received 3,422 entries from 47 countries for their second Muji Award competition. And the winner awarded by a panel that included such design luminaries as Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa? Find out after the cut…

The plainly named the “Towel with further options”, a customizable bath towel that can cut down to an assortment of sizes for different tasks won Gold Prize:

“This bath towel moves your mind toward further uses of the product. Towels take every day dirt and gradually become damaged. In accordance with such changes, you can downsize the towel with “further options” from a bath towel to a bath mat, and then to a floor cloth and dust cloth. The towel has a vertical and horizontal textured surface that does not produce pile-fabric waste when cut with scissors. The lines act as a marker for cutting and form square modules that let you imagine other uses, encouraging you to re-use it.”

Stackable Hanger
“The hangers can be layered precisely, allowing compact placement with a minimum of space occupied. Also, layering something makes you feel good. The feeling of wanting to layer or accumulate something of the same shape might be an innate desire.”

“Diary schedules are arranged in lines and grids, which are difficult to see and has little flexibility.
This notebook makes it clear, intuitive and easy to plan and see your daily schedules.”

Kakujio (salt cubes)
Salt is one of most useful spice for cooking. But, we tend to put too much.
Kakujio is 2.5cc each. You do not have to measure it. It is a certain quantity anytime.