Objects of Multicolored Glory

We love a neutral palette, but we really love a neutral palette with a big, bad, bold accessory that incorporates all shades. It’s the equivalent of a white room with rows of colorful bookshelves. No, these are not rainbow-colored objects, but multicolored objects. Do you also love the color “multi”?

The obsession started when we spotted Crate & Barrel’s Lucia duvet cover. Our goal was to do an apartment of many neutral shades with all the interest coming from texture and subtle patterns &mdash but it turns out we love prismatic color too much. A neutral foundation with pops of multicolored objects is one solution.

How about you? Do you have the restraint to stay all neutral, or are you similarly torn between neutrals and color?

1 Maharam Millerstripe multicolored pillow by Alexander Girard at Velocity Art & Design, $150

2 Needlepoint Stripe in Camelia by Martha Stewart for FLOR, $12.99 per tile square

3 Origo bowl in “Mix” from UnicaHome, $30

4 Lucia bed linens from Crate & Barrel, $39.95-$199

5 Reproduction of 1951 work by Ellsworth Kelly at MomaStore.org, $325

6 Champlain quilt and sham from Garnet Hill, $40-$238

7 Rug by Michaelian & Kohlberg from Driscoll Robbins

8 Spun Carnival Throw at Anthropologie, $298