Multi-Tab Power Strip

Multi-Tab Power Strip

Kristen Lubbe
Feb 22, 2010

We recently had an employee from our cable provider visit our house to help us install a new device we purchased. He ran out of outlets to plug items into and asked for a power strip &mdash we weren't too proud of the power strip that we unearthed from a closet.

The Multi-Tab Power Strip, designed by Soon Mo Kang would have been the perfect power strip to hand over. It leaves nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, it would be something to be proud of.

Earlier in the day (before the cable guy) while removing the DVD player from our entertainment center (we have a PS3 that we use now) I unplugged the TV. At that moment, I thought, we should have a better system to help differentiate the cords. As you can imagine, when I came across the Multi-Tab Power Strip today, my prayers seem to have been answered.

There's nothing fancy or tech about this power strip, what makes it so great is that Soon Mo Kang thought about what we really need from power strips. We need the ability to identify what is plugged into what and to unplug devices easily without breaking our backs to pull the plug. With the Multi-Tab Power Strip you apply the decal to the top of the strip (computer sticker for where you plug in your computer, TV sticker for the TV plug &mdash you get the idea). When you want to unplug a device, you push where you see the sticker and then you can unplug the item. The power strip is made up of individual blocks that you can arrange how short or how long you want/need.

Of course (it's just our luck) the Multi-Tab Power Strip is not available for sale yet. We're hoping that with the attention it's receiving it'll get picked up and put on the market. This is definitely a product we need.

[via Yanko Design]

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