Multi-Use Bathroom Tech: The Hair Dryer

Multi-Use Bathroom Tech: The Hair Dryer

Taryn Williford
Mar 3, 2010

One glance at it's name, and even a caveman could tell you what it does: Your bathroom hair dryer was designed to dry your hair. With it's ergonomic hand held shape, it shoots blasts of warm air at your head to help dry out your fresh-from-the-shower locks. But did you know your hair dryer is probably the most versatile of your bathroom tech? Click here to read about plenty more uses for your hair dryer around the house.

  • "Iron" out wrinkles in a plastic shower curtain or table cloth. When you hold the dryer at least 12 inches away, the hot hair does magic on the wrinkles in plastic.
  • Use it in the kitchen! On "hot," it can soften hard ice cream 'til it's ready to scoop. On "warm," it can dry just-washed salad greens or pasta. Or set the frosting on your freshly-iced cupcakes by hitting it with a blast from your dryer's cool air setting.
  • Also set to "cool," a blast from the dryer can help blow dust out of hard-to-reach places like on top of cabinets or on the tops of ceiling fan blades.
  • To remove dripped candle wax or melted crayons from hardwood floors, blast the wax spot with a hair dryer. Once the wax softens, wipe it up with a paper towel and wash with a vinegar and water solution.
  • Blast the dryer on a too-stuck price sticker to remove it with ease.
  • Loosen a too-tight screw by warming it with your hair dryer.
  • A hair dryer can help remove contact paper from a drawer or a wall.
  • Blast a hair dryer on the bottom of a wax-paper-lined cake pan or on the bottom of a Popsicle mold to quickly remove the delicious goodies inside.
  • Go ouch-less removing adhesive bandages from kids' skinned knees. Going over the bandage with a hair dryer will help the hurt when it comes time to rip it off.
  • Can't bear to hop into bed with cold sheets? Open up the bed and give it a quick once-over with the hot setting.

(Top Image: under license from Creative Commons // Dryer/Sticker image: Molly Anderson)

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