Musical Bedrooms: A Playlist of Bedroom Moods

Musical Bedrooms: A Playlist of Bedroom Moods

Grace Shu
Mar 30, 2009

There's something to be said about waking up in your own bed after a long trip, isn't there? We're relishing being back home in LA after our week-long stint in San Francisco; and while we did consider writing a post about that, perhaps it's time for another playlist? Remember a few weeks ago when we did a bathroom playlist post? Well, today we've put together another playlist for some inspirational bedrooms to start off the week...Turn your speakers on or slip on your headphones and listen to our bedroom picks after the jump!

The warmth of this cozy bedroom is undeniable: It's simple, inviting, and seemingly perfect to just curl up and read a few indulgent novels on a rainy day. So when we sorted through our record collection, we just felt that this song--actually, this whole ALBUM--would set the right tone. We can't stress this enough: If you don't have this album, get it right now!

The combination of hot pink and purple teeters dangerously towards garish; but in this exquisite bedroom, the beautiful art / headboard with its intricate tonal floral patterns gives it a sophisticated look while still maintaining the vibrancy of the bedding. (Plus, the vignette on the nightstand is too cute). This bedroom exudes a kind of bouncy, carefree vibe, so here's our musical pick:

At first glance, our initial reaction to this bedroom was, "Ooh, that Dwell bedding is nice...!" But the longer we stared at this photo, we started making up this crazy Richard Yates type plot about a couple that was outwardly perfect together; but in reality, they're stuck in a rut, just limping alongside each other until someone or something better came along. Perhaps that idea came from how symmetrical the bedroom is set up with its perfectly matched sides and designer bedding (and maybe the fact that we recently watched American Beauty on cable). So while we let our imagination run amok, we started playing a couple of songs to see which one fit the best...and then when this track played, it just seemed to fit. Terry Reid is one of our favorite musicians (he almost fronted Led Zeppelin...), and his version of this Lorraine Ellison classic is awesome.

Perhaps nothing can make a bedroom as cheerful as an abundance of sunlight. This feminine bedroom gets the maximum amount of light in thanks to old-fashioned shutters that look surprisingly modern and inventive here. There were so many musical choices with this photo, it was tough to choose one...but here's our final pick:

The glamour of this bedroom is a bit unexpected with the color palette: glossy black walls, bright yellow satin headboard, and prominent red stripes used throughout both the bed and bathroom. This bedroom feels young and uninhibited thanks to the eccentric twist to some classic pieces, so we've chosen this oldie but goodie dance track:

This soft, feminine bedroom is a nice mix of pastels, but we particularly love two thing about it: Hanging a painted canvas that is just a shade darker than the wall paint, and the pieced/quilted headboard. The simplicity of the canvas is great: it adds a little bit of interest to an otherwise boring wall; and the headboard adds a nice, DIY casual touch to the room. When picking a track for this bedroom, we were initially going for a Carole King song (something off Tapestry) or even a Joni Mitchell offering...but ultimately, we felt this bedroom needed a song that was current and upbeat:

Usually, silver is all flash and shine, so this bedroom was a pleasant surprise: Muted pewter and silver tones paired with the exposed brick wall create an appealing moodiness to the space. Our song selection is from a band that defined our late high school years when OK Computer was permanently stuck in the tape deck.

Of all the rooms in our homes, the bedroom ranks as probably the most personal space (although the bathroom comes in a very close second). We wanted to include one example that could represent all those times when the bedroom becomes an emotional sanctuary: we're allowed to let go and wallow after a bad situation. And while there are so many passionate, heartfelt songs out there, we knew when we saw this bedroom with its deep color palette and moody lighting that we had to include Bettye LaVette. The way she sings is as raw and as honest as it gets. Next time you're in a bad way and hibernating in bed, listen to her cover of The Who's Love Reign O'er Me performed this past year at the Kennedy Center Honors in front of Roger Daltrey and Pete'll give you chills...

Since we've visited the dark side, we wanted to make sure to end on a happy note. This bedroom is a great mix of masculine details (like that buffalo plaid blanket) with feminine touches (love that vintage lamp!) we chose this great collaboration between two of our favorite singer-songwriters:

Hope you enjoyed this bedroom playlist! Now the real question is: What song best describes YOUR bedroom? Tell us in the comments!

[ Photos from Living Etc. and Domino Magazine ]

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