Musical House Tours: A Playlist of Pop Music

Musical House Tours: A Playlist of Pop Music

Grace Shu
Mar 23, 2010

I was really dragging my feet on this month's Musical Playlist post for two very specific reasons. One: A few AT readers had sent emails after last month's post, asking why I always posted "hipster music for old people." Ouch. Two: Gregory has been after me for months about not using our glorious library of House Tours as musical inspirations. To which I responded each and every time, "Look, what if I pick something that offends the owners of said homes?" Unfortunately, I can put it off no longer. After hours of listening to what sounded like Ryan Seacrest's iPod, I present to you a musical montage of some of LA's amazing house tours paired with pop songs. And to those of you whose homes ended up on this playlist, please accept my apologies in advance. Especially Bryan. I'm really, REALLY sorry. Really.

Alysia's Treehouse by the Lake was impressive enough decor-wise; but then factor in her self-imposed limitations: No brand new, mass-produced items (save two rugs and the refrigerator), and she sold all of her old furniture on Craigslist in order to give herself a budget for decorating her new place. As a result, Alysia's Silver Lake home had a unique style that mixes different eras of vintage. (I'm pretty sure the new residents of her apartment will bring just as much personality.) In light of this, I chose an equally unique and eclectic pop singer:

Kevin and Greg's home is one of those that we always look back on fondly as being one of the most fun houses we've visited. It's a bit crazy (and quite a few of you would add "creepy" with the doll heads and such), but it's got so much energy and personality. Their home is unapologetic in its style and color--who would have ever thought to mix classic French antiques with Hawaiian Tiki? Despite the strange match-ups, it all seems to balance out thanks to Kevin and Greg. So for this music pick, I turn to the America's original Idol, Kelly Clarkson to belt out a power ballad:

I think we need to take it down a notch after that number. Heading over Austin, Texas, we have Janie's glamorous home with its black, gold and cream living room. If we had to choose one word to describe it, this may suffice:

This one is an oldie but goodie: Amongst the myriad of mid-century modern house tours, Lynn and Leif's home stood out as a nod to what Lynn described as, "the elegance of a bygone era." Her silver collection alone had us all sighing with envy, but what I loved the most of this house tour was the fact that she kept the bathroom perfectly intact, enhancing it with just the right amount of silver and shine. Now, this song isn't exactly a nod to a bygone era, unless you consider Beyoncé's former outfit to be ancient history. (Which, for some of us, it is.) But we'd picked it because 1) We've all heard Single Ladies about a zillion, billion times; and 2) this house tour was really so, so good.

Whether or not you want them to make their bed, Natalie and Nicholas' home in Australia possessed a certain bit of whimsy and carefree charm that we loved. And coincidentally, the song that I picked comes from an album (and tour) that was circus-themed. Even if you're not a fan of P!nk, she deserves an overwhelming amount of kudos: She sings completely live (no backing vocals), no matter if it's in concert or on TV, even when she's upside down and doing other Cirque du Soleil craziness. I'm still not sure how she pulled off her Grammys performance without falling over and yakking all over the stage.

Anne and Jacob's loft is chockfull of conversation starters, whether it's the paintings hanging on the wall or their impressive collection of mid-century modern chairs. Or how they even managed to fit everything in their place (1,200 sq.ft is a LOT of space, but they do have a LOT of stuff. Including this bear hanging in the foyer, which inspired this song choice. This isn't the original, though--it's the Glee version and that's popular with the kids these days, right?

Maria's bungalow found fame not only on AT, but her home was also featured on Domino many moons ago. Working with Ikea furniture and one very, VERY bold color palette, Maria's home--and her backyard--looks like a hell of a place to have a blowout party. I cringe to include this song, but...alas...

First of all, his name is James Bond. For real. Second of all, he and his wife Karen have an amazing home. And third of all, his daughter has one amazingly pink room, outfitted with a matching drumkit. All the pink may be super girly, but the drumkit is pretty badass. Is Taylor Swift badass? According to Laure, she is. "She's the one that sings about wearing t-shirts and sneakers! But she's girly!" Laure explains.

Remember David and Kurt's San Diego home? They had an enviable collection of mid-century modern furniture, but it was Kurt's portrait paintings that inspired me to choose this song for all of you little monsters out there:

Oh Bryan. I'm going to be apologizing to you for quite some time for doing this, but I couldn't help myself. The B pillows on your lovely black-and-white bed just sealed the deal for me, and I promise to make it up to you in a future musical post.

In conclusion, I hope those of you AT readers who emailed me about aging hipster music are pleased with today's selection, and that the owners of these beautiful homes aren't too offended. If you need to cleanse your musical palate uh, want to listen to more music, you can check out some of the archives of Musical Playlist posts here--I'm going to put on some white noise headphones for awhile, and then videotape myself sobbing hysterically on Youtube.

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