Musical Offices: A Playlist of Home Office Moods

Musical Offices: A Playlist of Home Office Moods

Grace Shu
May 15, 2009

051509_musicaloffice.jpgOut of all the different kinds of posts that are published here, these musical playlists are my favorite kind to compile (and guiltiest pleasure). For one, I get to look at a broad spectrum of styles for rooms that all have the same basic function: By comparing and contrasting photos, we're able to see how decor choices and solutions can define a lifestyle. Secondly, I get to rediscover my music collection in a new perspective. This particular playlist is an ode to a few home offices and creative spaces--check out the picks after the jump...

Asa.jpgThe biggest draw of this little home office nook has to be the fact that it's right off the a balcony/deck. Natural light is so important, and being able to venture outside when you've got creative block or just want to take a break from the computer is extremely beneficial. Also, the desk / floating shelf look is so streamlined and takes a minimum amount of space while providing an ample amount of storage. For this office which utilizes natural, earthy tones and takes full advantage of the outside, this feels like the perfect song to listen to:

AGreen.jpgThis office was converted from a walk-in closet; and it takes advantage of the height and the window (bonus!) by adding shelves above the desk, cabinets underneath, and hanging a mirror across the length of the wall to create the illusion of being double its size. In smaller offices and cubicles, it's easy to feel claustrophobic or cabin feverish, so here's one soothing track to relieve some of that stress...

BWithers.jpgI absolutely love, love, LOVE this shared office. Thanks to all that glossy white on the walls, desk, and storage cabinets, the bright colors of the chairs and decor just seem to pop. Moreover, this office looks like the perfect place to brainstorm and produce creative ideas. With that in mind, this groovy tune by Bill Withers seems to capture that same fun and carefree vibe:

MFoster.jpgHome offices can sometimes be the most interesting room in the home--and possibly, the most revealing. Inspiration boards, reminder notes, surrounding ourselves with what inspires us, an office becomes not just a place to do work; it's also a testament to what motivates us to be more productive and more creative. I had a difficult time finding the right song that captured the same vibe as this office, but I kept coming back to this song by an up-and-comer, Marcus Foster. I saw him play about a year and half ago when I was dragged to an open mic night at a random pub; frankly, I was surprised by how talented he is. If you like folk/blues, give this a listen:

KOL.jpgHow stylish is this office? Yet it's so simple: Just using black and white, this space feels so open and so very glamorous. Love the black chandelier (sort of reminds me of Abby's) and the tall print-out of a line drawn grandfather clock tacked to the wall. This space needs a dramatic song to go hand-in-hand with it...

MShaw.jpgAnd on the other side of the spectrum, here's a home office that uses bright, saturated colors liberally. The energy feels infectious but at the same time, it's pretty laid-back thanks to how organized everything is. In fact, it looks like the kind of office that would be somewhere around Abbott Kinney in Venice...hmm....with that in mind:

RCuomo.jpgThis pairing is dedicated to Laure, mainly because I picture her home office to look somewhat like this (all white, natural wood, relatively organized) and because she loves Weezer. This cover is a bit surprising, so if you're a Weezer fan (like Laure), prepare yourself: It's Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo singing every redheaded orphan's theme song...

Change.jpgWhen staring at this photo, the actual office corner feels very spare and solitary, pared down to the basics of just a small desk and chair that practically blends into the wall. However, the colorful vases in the window and the whimsical hanging basket chair strikes an idyllic balance to the austerity of the work area. This Otis Redding cover of Sam Cooke's classic feels the same way: As much as it talks about how hopeless things are in its present state, the ultimate message is optimism.

PLabelle.jpgAs always, it's time to end on a happy note. This stylized office puts all the focus on this over-the-top antique black desk that's been updated with a black lacquer and restored shiny silver details. The whole look is dramatic and glamorous, and who better to sing it than Ms. Patti LaBelle?

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