Musical Valentines: A Playlist for Lovely Bedrooms

Musical Valentines: A Playlist for Lovely Bedrooms

Grace Shu
Feb 12, 2010

So...Valentine's Day is this Sunday; and even though we're not huge romantics here, I figured it was as good a time as any to bust out some epic love songs. In fact, my initial idea was to make this a two-part post with one playlist just of power love ballads and then the next post feature emo break up songs...but then it got a little overwhelming, especially when I couldn't get The Cure's Pictures Of You out of my head for a week. As you can imagine, there are so many wonderful love songs out there, so it really came down to finding the perfect bedrooms to match just the right song. There are definitely some classics mixed in with some new stuff, so get ready to get in the mood...

Let's ease into it, shall we? As Abby and Rebecca pointed out earlier this month, two of the top trends of 2010 are craft and natural glam– two things this bedroom definitely has. The natural wood of the canopy bed frame and nightstands is such a nice counterpoint to the frothy sheers draped over the top rung and the handmade look of the quilt. This room practically begs for a folksy love tune:

Ever since Avril Lavigne burst into the scene, the combination of pink and black in "girly goth" motifs makes me want to run in the opposite direction as quickly as possible. However, this is one instance in which I feel like it manages to be successful at being both "girly" and "goth." The rose-themed wallpaper in its matte black background is the real star of the room, but don't discount the accessories: Love the glossy black bedside lamp, the mix of patterned throw pillows, and the delicate metalwork of the day bed. For this rock-n-roll room, here's one amazing power ballad by two women who could show Avril a thing or two:

I love the whimsy of this particular bedroom: It looks like each piece was picked not by a particular style or theme per se, but based on personal preference. (Or so I'd like to believe anyway). It's an unexpected mix of different trends--the ornate headboard, the modern photo on the wall, the antique bedside table...and yet it all seems to fit together. For this eclectic bedroom, I picked one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Richard Hawley. He has the kind of voice that sounds like its been nurtured by bottles of Knob Creek.

It used to be that rotating heart-shaped beds were the pinnacle of romantic decor, but that was eons ago. Today, it feels like the cliché of sexy bedrooms is crazy luxury like this amazingly over-the-top bedroom: A gilt-edged bed with velvet pillows, high gloss black's pretty awesome in that Kelly Wearstler kind of way. Doesn't it look like Jay-Z and Sasha Fierce sleep here? The only thing this bedroom needs to really take it to the next level is some old school crooning:

In the world of obvious, this bedroom reigns supreme. Pillows featuring letters and words are kind of hot right now (although I'm not sure if door-less bathrooms are also a new hot trend, I would guess not so much). Anyway, keeping up with the theme of obvious, you can probably guess which song I chose for this one. No? C'mon, it's practically a knee-slapper.

I've always liked attic seems like most of the ones I've seen have had extra care and thought put into the decorating to make the space feel more cozy. This one feels almost has a Rapunzel-like quality to it, perhaps due to the window and how the wood beams give the ceiling a Tudor look. Now, this song is a classic tearjerker; and in my humble opinion, I think Chrissie Hynde should be the only person allowed to sing this song:

Pink has been enjoying a fairly long run in the trends these past few years, although quite a number of you have commented that your significant others would serve divorce papers if they came home to a pink living room. For those of you singles out there who love pink, embrace it in your home as long as you can--you'll never know when you'll have to forfeit it over a wagon wheel coffee table. For this cheerfully feminine room, I've picked this oldie but goodie:

This could be the most realistic of romantic bedrooms on this list: simple bedding, a blanket or two, all in a neutral, earthy color palette. Love the grey color of the walls (no headboard!) as it just makes the whites and beiges of the bed pop. Inspired by the sheer simplicity of this bedroom, here is what some consider to be the ultimate in love songs:

When I first came up with this idea for a post, I asked a few of the other editors what their favorite love songs were. Jonathan sent me this pick as one of his faves. I knew I had the perfect bedroom when I spotted this one: it's borderline shabby chic, but not too...shabby. I love the interesting touches, like the blue gilt frame without a picture in it by the bedside table, and the hodge podge of floral patterns happening on the bed with the headboard.

This bedroom uses a nice trick in regards to the wallpaint: instead of trying to pick the perfect matte charcoal/black, the walls are painted with blackboard paint instead. I know, I know--everyone's sick of damn chalkboard paint. Here, it's used only for its color and finish, and it creates a great backdrop for the fancy fireplace and red-bordered bedding. Since the room is on the dark side of the spectrum on this list, here's a darker (yet all together truthful) outlook on love:

Another interesting twist to walls...well, maybe not so much the walls as it is the ceiling. Wallpapering the ceiling and leaving the walls bare is definitely not so common, and to be honest, I'm sitting on the fence with this particular look. (Maybe if the wallpaper wasn't so dark and dramatic, or if the walls were painted a dark color rather than off-white...?) I'm also sitting on the fence with this song, too, come to think of it. A few weeks ago, I got into a heated discussion with a few friends on which song is better: Extreme's More Than Words or this little ditty:

Out of all the bedrooms, this one is probably the most traditionally romantic (like the kind you see in DeBeers diamond ads or Dove chocolate commercials). Velvet-flocked wallpaper on gold, chocolate brown sheets, hot pink velvet throw, and one very glitzy lamp...all you need is some baby-makin' music! And trust me, this one DELIVERS:

The last pick of the playlist doesn't even have a hint of pink or red, but who says those colors have exclusive rights to romance? OK, maybe Hallmark does. And every single chocolate manufacturing company. Fine, and florist shop. Well, I still like the color palette here: dark grey, navy blue, and bright turquoise in a satin finish. It packs the same punch as the more traditionally romantic rooms here, but just in a more subtle way. Here's my pick for this room: It'll make you want to cut out of work early for happy hour and stay out til 2 am.

Sadly, I couldn't include all of my favorite love tunes for this playlist. You may be asking, "Where is Al Green? Where is Marvin Gaye? What about Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam? WHERE IS BOYZ II MEN?" Trust me, these were all questions I was asking myself as I looked at my list. So, here's my question for you this Valentine's Day: What are your top three love songs and top three breakup songs? (And which song do you like better: Extreme's More Than Words or Poison's Every Rose Has Its Thorn? Votes for Mr. Big's I'm The One Who Wants To Be With You do not count.)

Happy Valentine's Day!

(Images: Living Etc.)

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