Apartment Must Haves: Within Walking Distance

Apartment Must Haves: Within Walking Distance

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 22, 2011

Having grown up in Kansas City, the city with the most miles of roadway per capita, we're car based folk around here. It wasn't until I moved out and away that I realized doing your homework before hand to have things close by (like laundry and groceries) was not only a thing, but a necessity. What are your top 5 must haves within walking distance?

Once I realized that people didn't use cars in many cities to go places (yes I know it was a sheltered existence), there are a few things that are now at the top of my priority list when it comes to apartment hunting. Although I don't walk most places and instead ride my bike, being able to get myself to the following locations without the aid of mass transit or a vehicle is a good thing!

• Laundromat
• Grocery Store
• Gym
• Green Space
• People

The laundromat and grocery store are obvious choices as no one wants to haul their dirty laundry farther than they have to, especially if you don't have services onsite or they're of poor quality. Groceries are a plus, meaning things won't melt by the time you make it home and the gym is a great way to help keep your life in balance.

Green space and people might be less obvious choices for some, but the ability to take a book to the park and lounge in the sun can be quite refreshing. Many apartments don't put you near many actual people. Sure there are those in your building and you see some on the street, but a real chance to socialize can be refreshing and lift your spirits. It might be a local bar, club, or even basketball court.

What do you look for when you're apartment or house hunting? Post Office? Dog park? Nail salon? Share your thoughts below!

Image: Flickr member Ed Yourdon licensed for use by Creative Commons

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