My Computer "Bug" Problem: Household Mites

My Computer "Bug" Problem: Household Mites

Gregory Han
Jun 23, 2009

When most people mention having a bug in their computer, they're not usually referring to a literal infestation within their computer. But the last few days I've been finding tiny pests walking on or near my laptop, seemingly appearing from the spaces inbetween my keyboard. I busted out my trusty microscope to capture the two images above of the miniscule sized marauders and have been trying to find the source of the problem...

In all likelyhood, these are mites of some variety, but I've yet to figure out whether they're actually coming out from my keyboard or are just dropping onto it from somewhere else. I plan to empty out my whole home office and do a thorough clean, search and destroy. Another theory is that these are bird mites, since we have a pigeon nest inside one of our walls adjacent to where we work from. We'll have to be calling our landlord about the issue anyway, but we're waiting for the current chicks to fly away so we don't have any chick disturbed or killed. For now, we're put on our air conditioner to high, since mites dislike and perish in cold, dry temperatures, and we're vacuuming anywhere we think they could be hiding from within, including from inside our keyboard.

Have any of you've dealt with a similar mite infestation in a computer? It doesn't seem so uncommon considering a couple of other posts online about the problem.

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