My Design’s Dreamy! The Pet Décor Contest

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love our pets, but… so many of us have problems with all the stuff they bring into our home. It’s ugly. It doesn’t work. It smells. How many of you have felt positively impelled to add-on, change, alter or create from scratch something for your pet that makes your home more beautiful, organized and\or healthy?

We want to see all your best pet décor ideas.

AT, Canine Cabana, and Pour La Pooch announce our first Pet Décor Contest!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What: We’re looking for the greatest and most creative solutions to common, everyday pet decor problems at home. We’re thinking dog beds, litter boxes, bird cages, travel carriers…you tell us what your thinking.

• First Prize: Canine Cabana Classy Dog or Cat Murphy Bed – Retail Value: $199.00
• Second Prize: Pour La Pooch high end grooming service – Retail Value: $55.00
• Third Prize: Canine Cabana Full Aromatherapy Bath, including blow dry, ear cleaning, toenail clipping, and expressing the anal glands. (essential aromatherapy oils will be used with a little massage at the end) – Retail Value: $45.00

Who: ANYONE in the USA can enter who lives with a pet. ANY pet is eligible from cats to snakes to birds to fish.

Deadline: Monday, July 24th


1. Your Name:
2. Location:
3. Pet’s Name:
4. Size & Type:
5. Solution Name:
3. Price to make:
5. Description: 200 words or less
6. Two pictures, one of which must include your pet actually using your creation.

7. EXTRA! Pet design you covet most (what would you buy for your pet if you had all the money in the world)

Submit: Email by putting the city name in front of All submissions must be made to editors at your nearest city: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago or New York.

Put PET DECOR CONTEST in the subject line

(Top Image: Gayle Madeira)