My Design's Dreamy!: Kittybox

My Design's Dreamy!: Kittybox

Janel Laban
Jul 18, 2006

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Design: Kittybox
Price: $12

Name: bbt
Location: Lakeview/Chicago
Pet's Name: Sienna
Size & Type: Snowshoe cat (according to the shelter)

"Long before my husband and I decided to adopt a cat from a shelter, I came across Elizabeth Paige Smith's Kittypod. fell in love with IT, but not the price tag. When we adopted Sienna we knew we needed something for her to scratch in order to keep her away from our furniture, but we didn't think one of the typical carpet covered posts was appropriate for us. We felt the cat needed her own piece of furniture to play and sleep on.
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"We made our own Kitty'pod' from some permanently…errr…"borrowed" cardboard from the husband's office, and threaded steel rods, nuts and bolts from Home Depot (we started out using spray adhesive, but it's messy, time consuming, and difficult to line up perfectly which would mean we'd have to shave off sides to square it up…didn't have the appropriate tools). We decided to keep the whole thing simple and not try to shape it (like the kittypod), due to the lack of tools we could borrow."

"The first step was to make a guide for drilling the holes. Then propped about 20 sheets of 16x20 cardboard on 2x4's, placed the guide on top and used a drill with a long drill bit to bore the holes. Did this in 5 segments or so (the box used around 100 sheets). The drill has a level on it so we could be reasonably sure the holes would line up. We then placed in the threaded rods, and fastened nuts and bolts on to each end. We next took a portable circular saw to the top to hack out a bowl for the cat (told you we didn't have much for tools), and used a hand sander to smooth it down.

When we brought it home, I rubbed catnip all over the top, placed Sienna on top and gave her rewards when she scratched at it. She hasn't scratched any other piece of furniture since we brought her box home. Our favorite part is when we go to vacuum her box, she jumps on top, in order that she get her turn at being vacuumed (this helps control the excess fur A LOT, great for me when i have a husband who's allergic to cats.) And as a bonus...the box serves as additional seating when we have guests...although Sienna will jump up and try to headbutt you OFF!"

Extra! (what I would get if I could get anything...): "If we had all the money in the world, we'd buy our cat a....a two bedroom condo in Logan Square, oh wait that's us. Well, at least we're having doors moved in the bathroom in order to accomodate the cat. Keep everyone's stink in one room, thank you!"

p.s. "what's with cats that won't sit still for two to six seconds to have their photos taken? geesh! "

Thanks, bbt!

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