My Design's Dreamy!: Annie's Bathtub Bliss

My Design's Dreamy!: Annie's Bathtub Bliss

Heather Blaha
Jul 19, 2006

Design: Bathtub Bliss
Price: Old bathtub: free!

Name: Ivie
Location: Chicago
Pet's Name: Annie
Size & Type: Red-eared slider, 8 inches long

When I first got Annie the Turtle several years ago she was as big as a quarter. She lived in an aquarium on the kitchen table but kept growing bigger & bigger so I had to keep upgrading to larger aquariums. Turtles are messy so I also had to replace the expensive filters every few days & even then the whole tank smelled & emanated. (More below the jump...)

...Last year I moved into an apartment that had an old bathtub in the back that served as a big ice bucket for beer, etc for BBQs. I converted its use into a summer bathing tub for annie. Now she can sun outside & I can simply drain & replace the water with a hose everyday without a whole filter contraption. The flowers from the overhead vines sometimes fall in the water, giving the tub a water-lily pond effect (I think!). Since Annie hibernates all winter (under the bathroom sink she's both water & air compatible), having her outside in the tub means that I no longer have to have a giant, smelly, expensive aquarium inside the apartment!

EXTRA! Pet design you covet most or what would you buy for your pet if you had all the money in the world: I would definitely buy a place with a giant garden in the back & make a delightful lily pad-filled pond surrounded by sunning rocks & greenery for Annie.

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