My Design's Dreamy!: Colleen's Gilded Cage

My Design's Dreamy!: Colleen's Gilded Cage

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 25, 2006

Design: The Gilded Cage
Price: 1 ugly metal pet crate given to me by my Brother-in-Law $0 (a new one of this size costs about $99); 1 Pet Dreams Pet crate cover, XL $49 in Khaki (If I had not found this item on-line I would have sewn my own for about $10, but I liked it and it saved me time); 1 unfinished table top (hollow core) from ikea and 4 unfinished legs (it was the set up where you buy the pieces a la carte) i think the whole thing was about $50. Then I stained and sealed the wood and painted the metal leg caps to match my existing dining chairs.

Name: Colleen
Location: New York City/Yorkville
Pet's Name: Cleo
Size & Kind: She is an 8 year old 55lb female Boxer


"The first picture is a long shot of the table with the crate hidden underneath, the second is Cleo relaxing while my daughter eats at the table above..." [more below]

When I came up with this hidden in plain site cage idea 5 years ago, we were moving from a 400 sqft apt where Cleo's only space was her crate, we had had it, and her, since she was 12 weeks old so it was a part of her, but I HATED the way it looked and I had to find a way to hide it.

So, I thought this up.

This is my dining table and we use it every day and Cleo sleeps in her crate every night and lounges there throughout the day. it is a really good solution, people have come over several times before they realized that we even had a dog crate. We'll be moving soon and it seems cleo, now an old lady, no longer needs the security of her crate, so it looks like this will be the end of the crate and design.

Extra: If I had all the money in the world, I'd buy this:

The X Lounge by Modernobject

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