My Great Outdoors: Shared South End Sanctuary

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Brad & Kendra, our Small Cool 2009 Little Division Winners

Location: South End, Boston
Type of space: Common Garden

Tell us about your outdoor project and how you enjoy it: We moved into our condo in 2004, and after the first 2 years went by without anyone planting in the common garden, we took it upon ourselves to personalize it. From our two 10′ high living room windows, we have a direct view and felt it would be so charming to have a manicured garden to look at. Additionally, we have created a “bird sanctuary” which keeps our 4 cats highly entertained throughout the day. Hanging 2 seed-filled feeders and 3 re-purposed cage shaped candle-holders from Marshalls, we think that the Maple tree in the yard has taken on a new life and is home to many neighborhood sparrows…

Stay tuned for a complete House Tour inside Brad & Kendra’s South End home next Tuesday (p.s. it’s for sale)!

For the past 3 Spring seasons, the neighbors in our building have expressed their excitement and appreciation for us creating a quaint and creative garden for all to enjoy. It’s very common for our building to share a bottle of wine and unwind on the steps of the building, with the garden as a beautiful back drop.

How did you create it? Having no experience at all in landscaping, our “look” is very unplanned and natural, almost abstract. We took a very laid back approach when it came time for the placement of each plant. However, we selected plants that have obvious and unique characteristics, i.e. bright and bold flowers, and sharp and jagged leaves. Being an Interior Stylist, I jokingly suggested that our garden was Mother Nature’s living room, and we intentionally over seeded the yard w/ grass to create a shag rug effect. We very much like the look and feel of this years’ result!

Recommended store, site, product or resource? Kendra and I are enthusiasts for supporting local businesses and have shared the love with 3 different local garden retailers in Boston’s South End neighborhood:

  • Lotus Design, Columbus Ave

  • Twig Floral, Tremont St

  • Wholesale Flowers, Albany St

  • We ordered our flower bulbs and herbs from