Roberto Gil’s Plywood Party Tent

Name: Roberto Gil
Location: Vinegar Hill — Brooklyn, New York

These are images of my back yard in Vinegar Hill after I covered it for a big party. I used marine fir plywood and plastic and built it in two days. Then I took out all the furniture from my living room and dinning room. It worked great because it rained a bit that night.

The challenge was to cover a span of 14 feet with plywood that is only 8 feet long. So I cut strips of plywood 4″ wide x 8′ long and joined them with a small piece of plywood and screws. Then I bent them in an arch shape using a very thin steel cable. The bow shaped arches are very light and yet very strong because they are holding the internal tension produced by the chord.

The corner posts were also made of plywood strips screwed together forming a hollow column. Inside them I run the electrical. We built this structure in my shop in one day and installed it in my back yard in another day.

The party was fabulous! I had 150 guests, a salsa band, two DJ’s, a bartender and a cook grilling steak all night.

Thanks Roberto!

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