My Great Outdoors: gorgeoux's London Balcony

My Great Outdoors: gorgeoux's London Balcony

Aaron Able
Jun 4, 2009

Name: gorgeoux
Location: London
Type of space: Balcony
Tell us about your outdoor project and how you enjoy it: We have drinks, dinners, and lunches on the balcony almost every day — our office is within walking distance, and we love spending a quiet while in the sun, enjoying our mixing and home cooking, watching the clouds speed by, spotting which new plant is close to bloom, and, often, solving a business issue or imagining our future home...

Other than the large bay tree and the reviving chili plant, the herbs have only now started to reach the point where we can start using them, and we can't wait to cook with our own rosemary, lemon thyme, grapefruit mint, sage and chives. The Romulus vine spends its first summer here, so we'll see whether that leads to any tasty benefits at the end of the fall.

I also smoke on the balcony rather than indoors, enjoying our unique potted garden, smiling at passers by who always stop and stare, without fail, drinking coffee, sorting out my work agenda, reading a book or my RSS feeds. When the sun allows it (we finally have a brilliant, hot summer), I take my laptop out on the little pink table and blog.

My love picked the flat some two years ago partly due to its balcony, a rarity in London. He knew too well just how full of plants my balcony had been in Romania (you featured it back then) and how empty my life would be without green babies. He didn't say so, but I guessed, with the passing of time, and especially after the appearance of the pink table and blue chairs, a surprise gift from him accompanied by our first bubbly outside.

We then salvaged a few plants that were dying in a couple of old pots on the balcony, and started building, bringing in babies from many of our trips around the city and the country. On top of it some plants are gifts from his mother, others from my parents, some came from the Camden Council Give & Take day, or the odd flea market of the Cats Association in Foyle, a Cornish town. Time flew, and here we are, smothered in pots.

He calls our balcony the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for how it stirs people.

Recommended store, site, product or resource? Columbia Road Flower Market, The Eden Project (Cornwall), Marylebone High Street Farmers' Market

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